Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Festivities!

On Sunday, the Jones cousins came over for some fun Christmas fun! We acted out the Nativity scene and it was a real blast! Mackenzie, Madalyn, Trevor, and Meredith always make us laugh and we love spending time with cousins!
On Christmas Eve, the Allen family came over for another fun day of Christmas activities! We love spending time with this family!
Christmas Day, we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa! We were also lucky enough to play with the Barney cousins too! Dallin was able to help Blake with his train set, and Brooke and Brittany loved playing with thier toys and showing off thier cute outfits! Then we went over to the Hoynacki's house and spent the wonderful night with them! It was especially fun to hear what David (the oldest son on a mission) was saying about his Christmas in Paraguay! His family was so excited to hear from him and can't wait for him to get home in May! P.S. I'm also excited... :)
So, in the end, the Jones family had a wonderful first Christmas in Carlsbad! We are so happy that this past year has been wonderful! We love all the friends we've made and can't wait for another amazing year in this beautiful town.

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