Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad and Mom!

Yesterday, January 5th was my Dad's birthday! He decided to have a "Holiday Party" at our house to get some friends together and celebrate the holidays. I think he just wanted to be around everyone for his birthday. Ha ha. Anyways, it was really fun to see people from Seal Beach/Los Al and visit with our new friends in Carlsbad. I hadn't seen Crystal (above) since June and Lauren (above) since April! It was so fun to see them again!
Emma Allen, Melissa Hoynacki, & Hannah Allen enjoying themselves.
Let me introduce you to Lilly Allen, probably my favorite little girl in the ward. She is adorable! It's so funny because while I'm at school she adores my Mom and always asks to go to "Cathy's house to play." But as soon as I roll back into town, everything she does has to be with "Becca". It's so funny! I got her that shirt for her birthday, and she loves it!
What else do boys do when they get together? Video games? We also had all the other teens playing Guitar Hero III. It was a PARTY!
And this is little Ethan Vassau, my favorite little boy in the ward! He's adorable! His mom and some other ladies from the ward are figuring out scheduals for me to work for them this summer at least 30 hours a week! I could'nt be more excited! It's my Mom's birthday on January 15th, but I wont be here, so the weekend was all about them!

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