Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

This past weekend was so wonderful! I always love General Conference, but I've always loved it in April the best because the weather is gorgeous and Temple Square always looks so beautiful! Although, two of my roommates got to go to both Saturday and Sunday sessions, I felt lucky enough just to watch it in our apartment with my friends! I absolutely loved every part of conference this year!
My favorite talk was by M. Russell Ballard; he talked about women and especially young mothers. Now, not even being married myself, this talk might sound a little weird. But, his wonderful words to them and how they can turn their homes into places where their children will learn and grow made me strive to become a woman like that.
What was your favorite conference memory?


Jenna Lee said...

I really enjoyed that talk as well!! But i really enjoyed Bednars on Faith and Sister Tanners!! I love conference!!! I really like those pics you put up for conference! hope you are doing great!:)

Hi, I'm Nancy! said...

My favorite conference memory was when we attended last year with Sandy. The spirit was so strong in the conference center.
This conference was wonderful. I loved what President Monson said about his wife...all the talks were great. I loved the talk about mothers, it was so right on.