Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Fun!

The past few weeks have been crazy with school starting, meeting new people, ward callings, and having fun! So, I turned 20 on September 13th. It feels the same as being 19, but I love telling people that I'm finally not a teen anymore! We spent the day playing around and then having ab birthday party with yummy cake and ice-cream.
My roommate Kara turned 19 on September 19th- the golden birthday! We went to dinner, had cake, and then went to a huge party they have in Rexburg every Fall. Also, Dallin turned 13 on this day- he's a teenager!
We also decided to have a little photo shoot- notice the ANTM poses I'm throwing here?
We decided to go gangster to the party... Here we are with some of our buddies. Oh, note to those reading, my roommate Karen was on a date in ALL of these pictures, so more to come with her in them!

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Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Becca! We did not forget about you, we are just drowning with "stuff". It is hard recovering from the cruise :o)! Your gift is in the mail! I hope you had a great birthday! We could not call because we do not have your # :o(.