Tuesday, September 9, 2008

EFY 2008

This Summer I was able to do 6 wonderful weeks of the CES Program called Especially for Youth- EFY. I loved going to EFY as a participant and I was ten times more excited when I was able to be a counselor this summer! Out of my hundreds of youth each week I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite weeks. Above is my 3rd week in Santa Barbara, California. I had 14/15 year olds and they were amazing! I was also with an amazing co-counselor Brad which made the week so much fun!
This was my 2nd week in Las Vegas, Nevada and was able to work with amazing 16-18 year olds. These 4 boys were so funny.. I even had a proposal from one of them. They were always making me laugh and impressed me so much with their knowledge of the gospel. Watch out girls, these boys are ready for their missions!
Every counselor wants their last week to be the best week of the summer. These boys did a good job of making my week in Fresno, California awesome. They wrote me a song & even gave me presents. They made it hard to choose who my favorites were.. but no matter what they were amazing.
These 6 weeks were amazing and I can't wait to do more next summer!

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Sarah Hull said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Your EFY kids will remember you forever!!