Friday, October 10, 2008

Spirit Week 50 Lap Relay

This week is BYU-Idaho Spirit Week! Our ward participated in a tri-stake 50 lap relay. Our ward was assigned to wear the color yellow, so for FHE on Monday night, we made shirts with our group. So you're probably thinking to yourself, not bad right? Well, lets take into account that it was freezing cold and that I'm not a runner. Besides almost freezing to death, my roommates and I still had a great time. We hung out with people from the ward and just acted crazy. Besides loosing our voices, coughing like crazy, and sniffling noses, we still had a great time!
GO BYU-Idaho 56th Ward!

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Kara said...

yay! i love our roommates and fhe group! :) your blog is so cute! love you becca!