Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arizona Lovin'

Hello all.
Here in Arizona.
Loving the warm weather, sunshine, my roommates, and being close to Derek.

Nervous for teaching, 6th grade boys, and geometry.

Thinking of trying something like this as a writing project.

Not just for my students, but for me as well.

Capture my everyday joys, battles, laughs, and struggles with my students.

I start tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Mrs. Barber said...

Good luck!!!! You will do awesome! I was so nervous, but they guide you through. And then you get to a point where you are glad that they leave you alone in the class. I can't wait to hear your stories.

{Stephanie Johnson} said...

GooD lUcK misSy!!!

Danielle said...

Good luck Becca!! I KNOW you will do a great job- who doesn't love Becca!