Monday, February 15, 2010

To My Valentine,

Dear Valentine,
Thanks for the months of love.
Let's look back on and see how far we've come.
First things first, let's thank Ryan,
without him, we'd both be cry'n.
He and I didn't work out,
so you came along and spout:
"Hey, wanna go out?"
After our date, we both knew something was cookin',
and it was perfect since we're both so good lookin'!
So, we decided to start a summer of

Then, your birthday, our first "holiday",
I was so nervous, I didn't know what to say.
So, I made you a cake and brought it on over,
you said you were surprised,
so I said "Okay!"
Then, it was time to meet the Smith fam,
I was nervous again, but you said
"They'll love you."
It was so fun and natural, I knew you were right,
so we went out to catch the biggest fish in sight.
It was this moment you said, you truly "Fell in Love",
and I was so excited,
my heart flew away like a dove.
Now, this time, the Jones family came to town,
and it was time for Derek to want to drown, (j/k).
We spent the weekend together in the good old town of Rex,
Dad pulled out his "list",
and Derek made all the chex.
Then came the hard part,
apart for 4 months.
Sometimes it felt like pushing a handcart.
We made it! Hooray!
It was time to celebrate!
We were back together in the city of sun.

So, now on this day of love,
I sit here and write this message.
You're a sick little boy, with a fever, cough, and headache.
At least it's better then being alone and having
heart ache.
So thanks for all you do!
The flowers are gorgeous!
You're the best boyfriend out there,
and I want everyone to know it.
[Happy Valentines Day]

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