Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Afternoon Stretch

April 1, 2010- Completed Student Teaching & enjoyed a surprise weekend visit from my family.

April 5, 2010- Started job hunt with a positive outlook, resumes in hand, and a bounce in my step.
April 15, 2010- Still positive & full of energy. Applied to at least 75 places and networking in schools all over the Phoenix area.

April 19, 2010- Had an interview! Went well.. still waiting for a reply. Great things take time..

April 21, 2010
8:30-10:30 Spent 2 hours driving to random colleges (ITT Tech, Apollo College, Anthem College) only to go on wild scavenger hunts around the building only to be told, "You should probably just e-mail *insert name here*.
10:45-11:45 Ate some lunch with Derek.

12:15-2:00 Mapped out 5 Glendale Elementary Schools only to find myself on another scavenger hunt- thank you Google maps- 5 schools who had early release & staff training meetings all afternoon, and a very full bladder.

2:00-2:30- Downed a Diet Dr. Pepper and went grocery shopping for dinner tonight.
2:30-3:30- Online job hunting. 6 resumes to random companies, 2 resumes to schools.

3:55- Headache, stress, sugar cookie with lots of frosting, and blogging.

Alright, my life isn't horrible... I feel like all my friends who have recently graduated or will graduate within the month are feeling the exact same thing. We are worried about our futures & where it will take us.

So, I'm staying positive. Saying prayers, and hoping something will pop up within the next few days. And thank you pink sugar cookie- you made my day.

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Lisa H. said...

I ♥ pink cookies.