Thursday, May 27, 2010

Afternoon Organizing

This afternoon I had work off, but don't start thinking I sat around and ate bon-bons.
I organized.
I'm already super clean (I sweep the kitchen/dining floor every day, deep clean the bathroom twice a week, dust every three days,vacuum every two days, etc...), but it was time for the smaller things.
First, the messy make-up/hair basket.
For those of you know really know me, you know I have to be an inch from a mirror when I am getting ready. In high school, I'd just climb up on the counter of the bathroom with my feet in the sink (my Mom and her sisters all do this too- kinda fun).
Roommates and college brought a different story. I now just have a small station in my room with a full length mirror, make-up basket, oh, and a very durable/stained rug- better on there then the REAL carpet.
I organized it so it wasn't so horrible. I also don't wear much make-up, so it wasn't that much of a hassle!
My bedroom was already clean, but it has yet to be showcased on the blog!
Queen sized bed? No, try again. It's actually a queen sized Air Mattress stacked on 3 twin sized foam mattress pads, that were already in the room when I moved in. You're probably thinking, that doesn't work out. Yeah, its a little wobbly to the left side, but I'm 21- I survive!

My dresser used to be home to my amazing and cost effective laser printer. It's lasted be 4 years of college, and I've only changed the cartridge once! No ink here baby! But it was time to retire the printer to a less obvious spot in the bedroom.

My Closet/Home Office!
One side of my closet has my clothes, while this side houses my printer station, teaching supplies/books, gift bags/tissue paper, shoes, purses, hats, and scarves.
Why hadn't I thought of this before? Now, it's just as easy to access, and by a slide of the door, it's hidden!
Oh, the simple pleasures of life. Also, 2 days till Derek is home. He called me last night, he's having a blast, but wishing I were there.
What did YOU today that made your day a little brighter?


Karen and Todd said...

Becca you are adorable! I was blessed with such a clean roommate <3

Austin & Courtney Kalmes said...

I love that printer! Cute room too! Way to go Becca!

Lisa H. said...

Totally random, but we use the same mascara, face lotion, body lotion, and deodorant! hahaha...