Friday, June 18, 2010

Dallin's 8th Grade Graduation

Dallin graduated 8th grade.
I remember when he was born. He was so little!
I remember when he was in 5th grade and already taller then me too.
I guess my "little" brother isn't so little any more!

Mom & Dallin
Dallin with two adorable girls from the ward; Rebecca & Kimber!
So glad to see D.J. will have such fun girls to grow up with! I'm sure these three are looking forward to Seminary carpool starting in August! :)

And last, a picture of Dallin and some buddies.
Again, don't be shocked that he's the tallest one- it's been like that since pre-school.
Way to go buddy!
You survived middle school!
On to cooler teachers, high school sports, seminary, and a block schedule!

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Beloved Jewels said...

hi there, love yr photo of the flowers at the tope! its very pretty!