Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cousins Visit!

My oldest cousin on my Mom's side, Seb & his wife Precia came for a visit this weekend! They live in Utah and are camping down in San Clemente for the week. These are their adorable little girls- Zinnia (2), Sophia (4) & Olivia (6).
Okay, okay, so they're actually our 2nd cousins, but when their this cute and little we just let them call us cousins. :)
Yes, the 3 models. Rachel- always photogenic. And these 2 girls got the Tatum dark hair and blue eyes- something Rachel and I didn't. But we love our green ones Dad!
Seb & Precia have their hands full with these 3 beauties! It was a super fun visit and I can't wait to visit them while I'm at school. They live in Orem, so a short weekend trip would be super fun! Thanks guys! Wish you were closer!

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Precia said...

Could you guys be any sweeter? That was so much fun to be with you all and get to know you better. Thanks for being so good about us taking over your bedroom and house! Please come stay with us when you need to get mauled by kids! Thank you!!!