Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Missionary News!

So, I'm not a Mommy or anything, but this week is pretty exciting when it comes to some of my friends on their missions! These are some of the greatest guys in the world and I love them so much! They have great stories and I love getting letters from them! Let's get started!

Elder Kyler Sutton; Atlanta Georgia Mission March 2007-March 2009.

After serving in Alabama for the past 4 months, Kyler was transferred back to Georgia this past week! He loves the warm winters in the South, which are different from his usual Boise, Idaho ones!

Elder Spencer Anderson; Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission; June 2007-June 2009.

Yep! You guessed it! This Friday is Spencer's 1 year mark! I am so proud of him! He learned Spanish so quickly and is having so much luck there! He's also probably got a super good farmers tan... :)

Elder Tommy Rowley; Zurich Switzerland Mission; February 2008-February 2010.

Tommy, my fellow San Diegan, is living it up this week on the Germany/Switzerland border! He's speaking wonderful German and loving everything about the beautiful country of Switzerland. He's also promised to send me yummy Swiss chocolate!

Kyler, Spencer & Tommy were all roommates up at school my Freshman year. They had 2 other roommates, Jordon & Clint who are both serving missions. Jordon is in the Busan South Korea Mission & Clint joined Spencer in the Dominican Republic.

Elder Adam Hoynacki; Colorado Springs Colorado Mission; June 2008-June 2010.

Adam reports to the MTC in Provo, Utah tomorrow! He's so excited and ready to serve the people of Colorado! He's super sweet and I can't wait to get letters from him!

I love these boys so much! They are so amazing and wonderful! Their letters make my days so much better and I can't wait to see them when they get back! Keep it up boys!

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Arica said...

Becca...I guess we're going through the same thing...it's funny that you wrote about missionaries too!! Your post is way cuter but I don't have any good pictures. You should write in your blog more often! I love to read it and I love you...so it works!