Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 1st Grade Class

The past semester, I have had the wonderful opportunity of teaching 21 amazing 1st graders twice a week in Sugar City, Idaho. Imagine the tiniest elementary school, and then shrink it down even farther. Central Elementary was my assigned school, and it was home to 300 students from Kindergarten-3rd Grade.
Miss Stephanie and I were lucky enough to be with the adorable kids of Mrs. Ball's class. I had such a wonderful opportunity working with these students and learning their personalities and how they all are individually. I'm also glad that Mrs. Ball was an amazing cooperating teacher to work with. She had me teaching everyday and keeping me on my toes like a regular teacher.
A special thanks to-
Mrs. Ball, Ethan, Spencer, Timmy, Gabe, Braxton, Garrett, Marley, Lily, Suzi, Amy, Sawyer, Kelsey, Jaydon, Carson, Kalli, Ben, Taya, Kaira, Megan, & Dylan!


Danielle said...

I bet you were there favorite teacher ever!!!

Nikki said...

Becca this is so cute! Are you going into elementary education? Is that a dumb question to ask? haha <3

Alyssa Walker said...
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Alyssa Walker said...

How fun, Becca! Do you want to teach 1st grade?

Stephanie Johnson said...